Community and Corporate Responsibility

Kingston FC is a new team in the Canadian Soccer League and competes against many long-standing teams in the all-Canadian league. The CSL boasts many fine organizations staffed by many talented and dedicated individuals. We at Kingston FC aspire to be one of the finest clubs in the CSL and in Canada, both on the field and off.

Our mission at Kingston FC is to be a successful football organization and a valued member of the Kingston social and business community. In short, we hope to become a source of great pride to Kingston and to the communities forming the Great Waterway region. We will strive to make an impact and a difference to the residents and to the businesses in and around Kingston.

Kingston FC and everyone involved with our club will endeavour to deal in a fair, honest and transparent manner at all times with our corporate partners, sponsors and suppliers, in the belief that our success and their success is interwoven. Our dealings with our fans and supporters will be based on mutual respect and civility, and we will use our place and our role in our community to lead by example in everything we do.

At Kingston FC, we will always aim to be clear about our policies and our plans, and open and honest about the challenges we face. As we develop policies on issues affecting the club, our players, our staff and our fans, as well as our community, our country and our planet, we will communicate them to keep all of our stakeholders informed of who we are and what we believe in.