Disabled Supporters

Within reasonable limits of cost and control, Kingston FC will strive to make our home games accessible to our physically, visually and otherwise disabled fans and supporters. Our policy will be based on affording our disabled supporters every opportunity to enjoy our home games in a safe, secure and accessible environment.

As Kingston FC does not own the grounds at which our home games are played, the club cannot ensure that the home field will be as fully-accessible to our disabled supporters as we would wish. Nonetheless, we will make our best efforts to provide for our disabled fans, and we will use whatever leverage we can bring to bear on the owners of our home grounds to improve the degree and quality of access for our disabled supporters.

We do, however, control our ticket pricing and we recognize the need to show leadership in our ticketing policies for those in our community with disabilities. Kingston FC supporters using wheelchairs, as well as visually impaired supporters and their respective personal assistants, are admitted FREE of charge to all of our home games. Otherwise disabled supporters are charged at the standard admission price, however, their personal assistants will be admitted FREE of charge. Advance notice from disabled fans or their personal assistants of their plans to attend at our home games will facilitate our arrangements and assist our disabled fans on gamedays.

Please call us at 1-613-878-1532 if you and your personal assistant plan to attend an upcoming Kingston FC home game.