We are always happy to hear from anyone; but we would appreciate it if before sending us an email you would check to see if we have already posted the answer to your question.

Potential Players

Q: I want to play for Kingston FC? How do I get to do that?

A: Kingston FC is always pleased to receive inquiries from anyone who wishes to play for the team. Please send a resume and video to Lorne.Abugov@rogers.com. We regret that we cannot extend offers or letters of invitation for tryouts without having received a resume and video, nor can we consider unsolicited telephone calls.

You should realize that Kingston FC is a professional soccer team and most team members have already played either for a high-level competitive or semi-pro club or for a Canadian university soccer team.

Anyone who believes he has the ability to play at a CSL level will be able to attend a pre-season open tryout each year. At the April 2014 try-out the club found eight strong local and international players and extended CSL contracts to several players who are currently playing on our Kingston FC Reserve Division team. For more information on the open try-outs, please see a media release on the try-outs posted in the News Release section of this web site. Tryouts may also be scheduled in indoor facilities, possibly in Kingston, Belleville and/or Ottawa.

Q: What if I think I am good enough for the Reserve Division team?

A: The open try-outs held in Kingston each pre-season are for spots on the club’s roster, which includes both 1st and Reserve division teams. As is the case with other club or academy teams, reserve players may be expected to contribute to the cost of running the team, including travel and accommodations. However, uniforms, travel expenses (including meals for away games) and equipment are all covered by the club. The point of a reserve team is to develop players who appear to have the potential to eventually play professionally.

Q: Where do the current 1st team and Reserve team players come from?

A: The team had a successful player recruitment process for the 2013 season, including the signing of five players who are current or former students at Queen’s University, and others students from the University of Ottawa, Cape Breton University, Nipissing University, Ryerson, St. Mary’s University and UQTR. Our international players from the 2013 season were from Northern Ireland, England, France, Romania, Brazil, Senegal, Kenya, the United States and the Czech Republic.

For the 2014 season, some 17 newcomers have been recruited to the Kingston FC soccer club, joining 17 returning veterans. In all, the Kingston FC players hail from 21 different countries, including New Zealand, Scotland, England, France, Ivory Coast, Iran, Cameroon, Algeria, and the Congo.


Q: Who owns Kingston FC?

A: The club has five owners – Lorne Abugov, a telecommunications and broadcasting lawyer, and Joseph Scanlon, a retired university professor, are the principal owners. Between them they own more than 80 per cent of the team. Joe Scanlon is a Queen’s graduate who lived in Portsmouth when he was a graduate student at Queen’s. His first by-line as a journalist was in the Kingston Whig-Standard. Lorne Abugov grew up in Montreal and attended Carleton University in nearby Ottawa.

There are three other minority owners – Jim Allore, a retiree from Belleville, Ontario, Cathie MacLeod, a Kingston physiotherapist and owner of PhysiotherapyKingston, and Shawn Geary, a Kingston businessman and owner of McCoy Bus Service and Tours.

The owners are prepared to add up to three additional equity owner/investors during 2014, preferably from Kingston, Belleville or the Great Waterway Region.

Q: What background do the principal owners have in soccer?

A: Joe Scanlon is new to soccer but he was a tennis and basketball coach at Carleton University and he owns a share of a soccer team in Lancashire, England. His interest in soccer took him to Newcastle and Manchester this past summer to watch the women’s Olympic team play Sweden and the United States.

Lorne Abugov has spent the past 20 years coaching and playing recreational soccer with the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club. He has for the past 9 years served as the Director of the Internationals’ women’s rec soccer program. His wife, Lindy, and daughter, Haley are both active rec soccer players with the Internationals, and his two boys, Zach and Quinn, have both played competitive soccer with both the Internationals and the Ottawa Royals Soccer Club.

Media inquiries

Q: I am a journalist and want to get some information for a story. Who do I contact?

A: You are welcome to email either of the owners – Lorne Abugov – lorne.abugov@rogers.com or Joe Scanlon – jscanlon@connect.carleton.ca. Either will respond quickly to any media inquiry.

In addition, Kingston FC is pleased to welcome Queen’s Journal Sports journalist Sean Sutherland to the Kingston FC Pro Soccer club for the 2014 season as our 2014 Media Relations intern. Sean is available to the media for information on all aspects of the operations of the Kingston FC soccer teams. He can be reached at 11sms33@queensu.ca or by phone at 613-305-1636.


Q: Who is the coach of Kingston FC and what are his qualifications?

A: Kingston FC’s coach is Colm Muldoon who comes from Athlone, Ireland, where he played and coached football for many years in the Airtricity National League in Ireland. Colm is an A-level coach certified by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). He also acquired a diploma in strength and conditioning as well as his Bachelor of Science degree. He most recently had significant coaching experience at the university and professional level in the USA, including a training role with the youth program of the New York Red Bulls, before moving to Canada. Colm was named the 2013 CSL Coach of the Year for his work in piloting the Kingston FC 1st Division team to a CSL League Championship in only the club’s second season of operation.

The club coaching staff also includes Assistant Coaches Thomas Moran and Mike Akai, and Goalkeeper Coaches Andrei Badescu and Yasuto Hoshiko.

Public Service

Q: Will the team’s owners, manager and players accept invitations to speak to local organizations and/or take part in charitable and community events?

A: All those with the team are anxious to be involved in the community. It may be difficult for the players (many of whom also have full-time jobs) to attend functions but the club will consider all invitations. The owners welcome the opportunity to speak to local organizations such as service clubs or the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. The club is always willing to arrange for players to autograph photos for local charitable events. Thus far in 2013, our players have already participated in many charitable and community events in Kingston. If you would like Kingston FC pro soccer players to attend at your organization’s next event, contact Catarina Macedo at 613-876-0288 or at 1cm4macedo@gmail.com.


Q: Does your coach ever do soccer training clinics or camps?

A: Yes. Kingston FC is happy to arrange for our coach and our players to give a soccer clinic both during the season and during the off-season. The club will also provide players and coaches, subject to our own CSL schedule, to assist Kingston and area youth minor soccer clubs and teams in teaching young players the skills of soccer and helping to train minor soccer coaches. If you are interested in obtaining more information about Kingston FC and our professional soccer training resources contact colmmuldoon@hotmail.com or lorne.abugov@rogers.com.

The Club also operates Kingston FC Pro School. Click here to view the Kingston FC Pro Soccer School brochure – KFC Pro Soccer School brochure.

Kingston FC Tickets

Q: How do I get tickets to Kingston FC games?

A: You can purchase tickets at the gate at any of our 11 annual home games — $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors, $5 for those under 13. Children 5 and under are admitted free. You can also shop online at our website – www.kingstonfc.ca – to buy an individual 2013 season ticket pass for $75 and a family 2013 season ticket pass for $175. The family season ticket pass admits four people, two adults and two children, to each of our 11 home games. Both the individual and the family season ticket passes are transferable. Just click “tickets” on this web site.

Q: I would like to bring my whole team to a game. Can I get a reduced price?

A: We are always happy to welcome teams to our games and ask them to make their presence known by wearing their team soccer jerseys. Special reduced tickets prices are available for groups of 10 and over.


Q: When and where does Kingston FC play its CSL games?

A: All home games are played in Kingston. For the 2013 CSL schedule our Kingston FC home games will be played every second Sunday, beginning in on May 5th. Away games are played mainly in the Toronto area but in 2013 there will also be games in Montreal, London, Windsor and Niagara Falls. The schedule of all home and away games will be posted on this web site as soon as it becomes available. All 2013 Kingston FC home games will be played at the Queen’s University West Campus Turf Field located at the corner of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard and Johnston Street in Kingston.

Job Opportunities

Q: I would like to work in professional sport. What if any jobs are available with Kingston F.C?

A: Kingston FC has a limited budget and cannot afford to hire many staff. However, the club is interested in providing volunteers an opportunity to develop professional skills and to build their resume in the process.

Ball Boys and Girls

Q: How do I become a ball boy or ball girl at Kingston FC home games?

A: You make contact with our team manager whose email address will be posted on our website and he will sign you up for a home game. In return for performing as a ball boy you get a free Kingston FC T-shirt and one accompanying parent or guardian is given free admission to the game.

Team Merchandise

Q: Can I buy a Kingston FC team jersey, training shirt or T-shirt?

A: You certainly can. Just visit the “Shopping” section on this web-site. You can purchase Kingston FC gear and arrange to pick it up at the next home game or have it delivered to your home. We hope to add additional Kingston FC branded merchandise and apparel over the next few months.

Player Pay

Q: How much do Kingston FC players get paid?

A: Kingston FC consists of players on professional and amateur contracts. The players on professional contracts get paid a set amount per game and, in most cases, are also provided with a living allowance. Amateur players receive at the most only living expenses. The amount paid to a player is based on his value to the team. Kingston FC pays bonuses to pro players based on team and not individual performance. Some teams play bonuses to players who score goals. Kingston FC believes soccer is a team game and all players should be rewarded for a successful team performance.


Q: What formation does Kingston FC use?

A: The formations used vary slightly depending on the opponent but during the 2012 season Kingston FC preferred a 4-3-3 formation.


Q: Can I attend a team practice?

A: All Kingston FC practices at Queen’s University West Campus Field are open to spectators except the ones on Friday night before a Sunday game. That is when the coaches work on the specific tactics they plan to use against their upcoming opponent.

Q: Can my entire team attend a practice?

A: Yes. You can also make arrangements to come early. If time permits, our coach can explain and show you and your players some of our drills.

Yellow and Red Cards

Q: What is the meaning of yellow and red cards?

A: Officials can hand out a yellow card or a red card when they believe a player has fouled an opponent or has behaved in an unacceptable way. If a player gets two yellow cards in one game he is ejected from the game. If a player gets a red card he is ejected from the field immediately. If a player accumulates a number of yellow cards he may be suspended for one or more games.

Extra Time

Q: I sometimes hear the announcer stating “there will be a minimum of so many minutes of extra time. What does that mean?

A: Soccer games consist of two 45 minute halves. If there is no interruption in play, the official will end the half when 45 minutes has passed. However, if there have been delays during a half, for example, if play was stopped when someone was injured, the time lost will be added to the end of the half. The exact amount of time will be determined by the head official who has discretion as to when to end play. If a player for example managed to get a breakaway during extra time the official would probably not end the half until the player scored or his shot was blocked. It is always possible that there will be delays during extra time which is why the announcement states there will be a “minimum” of so many minutes of extra time.


Q: How often can a team send in a substitute?

A: A team in the CSL 1st Division is allowed five substitutes during a match. A team in the CSL 2nd Division is allowed seven substitutes during a match. If a player is replaced by a substitute he may not return to the game. Once there substitutes have been used no further substitutions may be made even if a player is injured.

Q: I have noticed a player being helped off the field as a result of an injury and then seen him return later.

A: An injured player may return and play providing he was not replaced by a substitute. While he is off the field his team must play with 10 rather than 11 players.

Points and Standings

Q: How are points awarded in the league standings?

A: A team gets three points for a win, one for a draw, nothing for a loss.


Q: Who are the team’s sponsors?

A: The team’s sponsors are mainly Kingston area firms that wish to show their support for professional soccer in Kingston. Kingston FC publicizes their support at games and in its program and website and hopes persons attending our games will let our sponsors know their appreciation through their purchasing decisions. You will find logos of all of our valued sponsors on the homepage of this web site. Kingston FC depends upon the financial support of our sponsors who make professional soccer in the City of Kingston a reality.

Q: What do I have to do to become a sponsor?

A: Just contact either of the team’s owners and they will explain how simple it is to sign a sponsorship agreement. Or click on “Advertise” or “Sponsorship” banners on this website for more information about becoming a Kingston FC sponsor.

Q: What if I want to invest in the team and own a piece of Kingston FC?

A: New investors are always welcome especially if they are from the Kingston area. Investment in the club with equity participation will be considered at a minimum of $25,000. Kindly contact the club at 1-613-878-1532 to discuss an investment in Kingston FC pro soccer.

Canadian Soccer League

Q: What is the Canadian Soccer League and what teams are in the CSL?

A: The Canadian Soccer League (CSL) is Canada’s professional soccer league and is a continuation of earlier leagues, the National Soccer League (NSL), the Canadian National Soccer League (CNSL) and the Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL), going back more than 80 years. The league is in direct membership with the Canadian Soccer Association, Canada`s national governing soccer body and has a mandate for expansion on a regional basis across Canada. The league’s offices are located at Mississauga, Ontario on the west side of Toronto. For the 2012 season, the CSL operated a First Division of 16 teams and also operated a Second Division of 12 reserve teams.

The 16 1st Division Teams are: Brampton City United, Brantford Galaxy, Kingston FC, London City, Mississauga Eagles FC, Montreal Impact Academy, Niagara United, North York Astros, Serbian White Eagles, St. Catharines Roma Wolves, TFC Academy, SC Toronto, Toronto Croatia, SC Waterloo Region, Windsor Stars and York Region Shooters.

Q: Does Kingston FC play every team in the league?

A: The CSL 1st Division is divided into two sections of eight teams each. Kingston FC plays home and home games with the seven other teams in its division, and one game only against the eight teams in the other division. The location of those games alternates. That means Kingston FC will play a team from the other division at home one season, and away the next. In 2013, Kingston expects to play the Windsor Stars in Windsor, Niagara United in Niagara and London City in London. St. Catharines Roma Wolves will come to Kingston in 2013, as will Brantford Galaxy and SC Waterloo.