Eastern Ontario’s Only OSA-Accredited Pro Soccer Academy Announces Elite Training Programs in Kingston & Belleville

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News Release

September 4, 2015


Kingston-Belleville FC (KBFC) Pro Soccer Academy also unveils new nationally-certified Training Staff and a blue-chip Academy Advisory Board to help guide its “youth-centred” operations

Kingston, ON – Following on the heels of its recent successful Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) accreditation bid, the Kingston-Belleville FC (KBFC) Pro Soccer Academy today announced its inaugural slate of Fall/Winter elite soccer development training programs which will take place between October and March in both Kingston and Belleville.

Lorne Abugov, General Manager of the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy and Mike Akai, Technical Director of the Academy today unveiled a three-pronged indoor pro soccer development program line-up geared towards both elite players in the region aged 11 and older and recreational soccer players aged 5 to 10 years of age.

The programs, which are open to all boys and girls within the Kingston-Belleville-Quinte region, are entitled Kickstart, Kickspark and Kicksmart, and each is described in the Schedule to this News Release.

In addition, management of the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy today announced the appointment of RMC Women’s Soccer Head Coach and CSA National B Level Certified Training Coach, Chad Beaulieu to the senior ranks of its Academy training staff, joining Mr. Akai and other former coaches and players of the Kingston FC Pro Soccer teams who have taken on training roles with the Academy.

The KBFC Pro Soccer Academy has also announced the creation of a blue-chip Academy Advisory Board to help guide the operations of the Academy and serve as a focus group for all aspects of the Academy’s business development and growth. Highly respected Kingstonian and former Ontario Soccer Association President, Edward R. Grenda, will assume the role of Chair of the Academy Advisory Board, and he will be joined by other notable soccer and business leaders from throughout the region who will be named in the coming weeks.


In early August 2015, the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy was designated by the OSA as the province’s 22nd Ontario Registered Non-Club Academy (ORNCA), a prized, standards-based designation reserved for elite soccer development academies, becoming the only OSA ORNCA-accredited pro soccer academy east of the Greater Toronto Area.

According to Mike Akai, having “…an ORNCA-accredited pro soccer academy in the Kingston-Belleville region is a huge step forward for soccer training and development in our region. Achieving the Ontario Soccer Association’s gold-standard is the culmination of several years of hard work laying the groundwork and then months of intense effort in satisfying the OSA’s rigorous criteria for Academies, including technical inspections by OSA personnel who adjudged our training sessions to be among the best in the province,” said Mr. Akai.

For Lorne Abugov, the OSA designation was a welcome reward for the time and effort already invested by the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy in improving the level of soccer in the region, including the efforts of many of the pro coaches and players who pioneered pro soccer in and around Kingston with the Kingston FC Pro Soccer teams. “We are very proud to have brought pro soccer to Kingston in 2012, and we made a difference to this community when we did so,” said Mr. Abugov. “Now we can be equally proud to bring a certified OSA ORNCA pro soccer academy to this region, once again breaking new ground for the soccer community here and for kids and parents who are committed to the love of soccer and to playing the sport at the highest level possible.”

“Supplementing our talented training staff with the addition of Chad Beaulieu is a real coup for our Academy,” noted Mr. Akai. “It is not every day that we get to add a Canadian Soccer Association National “B ” Licence coach and the holder of a National Coaching Institute High Performance Coaching Diploma to our ranks. Through Chad, our Academy girls and boys can gain a pathway on to Canadian and U.S. university soccer as well as on to the pro soccer path, if they choose to do so.”

Both Mr. Akai and Mr. Abugov were delighted that parents who had to travel in the past to Toronto or to the United States to find elite level training and pro soccer development for their talented youngsters could now benefit from proven, standards-based Academy pro soccer training programs of comparable or higher quality delivered right here in the region.

As a result of the OSA designation, the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy is now fully sanctioned to work with all OSA-registered soccer players throughout the region to enhance their technical development. The Academy’s objective is to offer professional quality training to all players in the region with a view to supplementing their youth clubs’ programs, thereby raising the overall level of skills and competency in areas of the Academy’s operations. Players enrolled in all Academy programs can maintain their youth club registrations and do not currently need to register with the OSA through the Academy.

For a description of the KBFC Pro Soccer Academy‘s Fall/Winter indoor soccer training programs, please see the attached Schedule or visit the expanding Academy section of our Kingston FC website at http://kingstonfc.ca/category/events/training/. To register for the new Kickstart, Kickspark and Kicksmart programs contact Mr. Mike Akai at 613-540-3584.


For Program Registration: Mike Akai KBFC Pro Soccer Academy 613-540-3584

For Academy Information: Lorne Abugov KBFC Pro Soccer Academy 1-613-878-1532


Eastern Ontario’s Only OSA-Accredited Pro Soccer Academy Announces Elite Training Programs in Kingston & Belleville

The Kingston-Belleville FC (KBFC) Pro Soccer Academy is proud to announce its new three-pronged line-up of elite and recreational soccer development programs for boys and girls aged 5 and up throughout the Kingston-Belleville-Quinte region.

All Programs begin in October 2015 and run through to March 2016 in locations in Kingston and Belleville to be announced shortly. To register for any of the three new programs – Kickstart, Kickspark and Kicksmart – kindly contact Mr. Mike Akai at 613-540-3584.


This program is aimed at recreational players aged 5-10 years old. It will be run once a week between October and March. Young players are introduced to the sport and will learn soccer’s basic skills in a fun and educational environment that will provide a foundation for elite and competitive soccer advancement.


This program is designed for players aged 7-12 who have demonstrated the intent and ability to play at the competitive level. While the program will have a stronger focus on the educational content, it will instill the “fun” aspect necessary to capture and maintain the interest of the young player. The gentle introduction to a professional environment will ensure our players understand their joint responsibility for game performance with their coaches. The curriculum will be predominantly technique-based enhanced by tactical understanding to develop skilled, informed players. This program prepares players to advance to the next phase – Kicksmart – of our Academy program.


This program is for youngsters 13-18 years old who are accomplished players and are preparing to move forward with their game to elite levels. This could range from success at L3, OPDL, Academy, Provincial, University, League 1 or National teams. Our goal is to develop and prepare these players for success in their individual endeavours. Training in a professional environment will also provide a feeder system for our own Pro teams in future.