Kingston FC Announces the Creation of the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy

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News Release from Kingston FC – September 11th, 2014

Registration Form for the Indoor Soccer Program and more information on the Fall/Winter sessions.

KINGSTON – Kingston FC – the region’s only professional sports team – announced today the creation of the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy, a division of the pro Club that will offer a proven Europe-based soccer training model geared to elite and professional soccer development for Kingston, Belleville and Quinte area youth aged 5 to 18.

In addition, the Club will continue the work of the Kingston City Soccer Academy (“KCSA”), a successful grass-roots soccer development organization that provided top-flight soccer training and development in Kingston and the region for youngsters between the ages of 4 and 12.

Relying upon professional coaches and players from the Kingston FC Pro Soccer teams to work with the youngsters, the new Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy will create a development progression path for young Kingston, Belleville and area soccer players from five years of age straight up to the professional ranks.

“This, at last, is what we at Kingston FC have been seeking, a tried and true method of developing our own pro soccer players from Kingston, Belleville and the region, beginning at a young age”, said Kingston FC Club President Joe Scanlon. “We have worked hard to develop our own Kingston FC style of professional soccer, and now we are ready to begin developing young players in the Kingston FC model, exactly the same way that top European clubs like Barcelona, Everton and Benfica do.”

With a commitment to implementing the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) approach pioneered by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy will be the first in southeastern Ontario to apply for Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Academy accreditation. The Academy will submit its application to the OSA for ORNCA accreditation in late October 2014 and expects its accreditation by the end of March 2015. Once accredited, the Academy will be the first in the region to satisfy the OSA’s rigid standards-based requirements, and will expand its offerings to other regional centres including Belleville, Brockville and Quinte West.

Speaking for the Academy, Kingston FC assistant coach Mike Akai said that the combination of dedication to youth development, and the focus on pro player development for teens and young adolescents, is precisely what many parents and young players have been looking for in Kingston, Belleville and the region. “There really is no substitution for a standards-based soccer Academy affiliated with a strong professional club like Kingston FC,” said Akai.

“We can now meet the needs of almost any young local soccer player who wants the highest level of pro-style training right here in Kingston or Belleville – and increasingly in other centres in the Region, without having to travel to larger centres, and at affordable and flexible training fees “, said Akai. ” For us, the chance to operate a seamless progression model literally from entry level kids right up to the pro team was an opportunity that could not be passed up. It’s a win-win for everyone and gives us a window into the region’s top young talent.”

The Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy will launch its programs immediately, and parents of soccer players aged 5 through 18 years of age will have the opportunity to train indoors this fall and winter with the Academy coaching staff.

“This Academy will serve to guarantee pro-style soccer development and training from a very early age as well as a continuous progression path straight through to the Kingston FC pro ranks for those with the talent and desire” said Kingston FC Chairman Lorne Abugov. “The Academy will become a key feeder system for Kingston FC. Even though this structure is relatively new to Canada, the model is very powerful, and it’s been proven hundreds of times over as the optimal way to develop young soccer talent around the world.”

The Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy will be open to all participants who seek top-flight training and development, according to Abugov. “Any youth that seeks professional development can obtain it through programs we will run, without necessarily joining the full-fledged academy. If you believe in pro-style soccer development for youth, as we do, you deny no one the chance to get the best coaching available in this Region, which we are well-positioned to deliver, be it for young goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders or strikers.

“Everyone will have the chance through the Academy to get top-notch development right here in Kingston, Belleville and the region, whether they are youth club players, primary school, high school or college players, and even men’s and women’s recreational soccer players,” said Abugov.

Click here for a factsheet about the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy.

For more information, contact:

Lorne Abugov, Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy – 1-613-878-1532

Mike Akai, Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy – 613-540-3584

Colm Muldoon, Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy – 613-242-7567