Kingston FC Announces 2014 Private Trial and Open Try-Out Sessions

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Kingston FC Pro Soccer Announces Private Trial in Ottawa and Open Try-Out in Kingston to Complete the 2014 Club Roster

CSL 2013 League Champion pro club looking for local talent to improve depth for a second consecutive title chase

Kingston, Ontario – January 2, 2014: Kingston FC – Kingston’s only professional sports team – will hold a private by invitation trial on January 24, 2014 in Ottawa and an open try-out in late February or early-March 2014 in Kingston, the club announced today.  Details on the Kingston open tryout will be announced shortly by the club.

Details of the Ottawa by-invitation tryout are as follows:

The date: Friday, January 24, 2014 in Ottawa, Canada

The location: The Louis Riel Sports Dome, 1659 Bearbrook Road, Gloucester, Ontario K1B 4N3; click here for directions.

Who should attend: Only players who receive an email invitation from Kingston FC and who confirm their intention to register for the trial may attend at the January 24, 2014 trial at the Louis Riel Dome in Ottawa.

“The Ottawa trial is our chance to invite and to see many professional and amateur players who have already contacted Kingston FC seeking a spot on our roster” says Kingston FC club Chairman Lorne Abugov. “The open tryout in Kingston in March will be our chance to take a close look at the best local soccer talent in the region.”

Kingston FC club President Joe Scanlon agrees that it won’t be easy to land a roster spot at either of the two sessions, but does acknowledge that the club will need to fill some roster spots from its highly successful 2013 squad.  “We are already aware of a couple of holes that we will need to plug with top international and Canadian talent, and our emphasis will likely be on bolstering our defensive back end on both the 1st and 2nd division teams.”

He added that the two stage process would allow the club to see some top talent in January and then fine-tune the roster with local players at the February/March try-out.  “Last season, we found a  couple of local lads that helped us along the way, including Kingston players Jeff Borges and Andrew Beattie.  We are expecting to see many more young footballers this time around in Kingston at our open tryout, as more and more local players have come to know of our team, seen us in action and set their sights on making the grade,” said Scanlon.

Abugov said the team is committed again this year to finding players from the Kingston area and offering them a chance to suit up for Kingston FC. “We want to make sure we haven’t overlooked any talented players from communities like Brockville, Gananoque, Picton, Trenton, Napanee and Belleville, players who live close enough to Kingston to be able to make our practices and games and still live at home.”

The January 24th private trial in Ottawa is expected to be a one-day affair, running from noon until 3:00 pm for which players will register in advance and then strut their stuff in front of Colm Muldoon, Kingston FC’s Head Coach and the CSL’s Coach of the Year in 2013, along with the rest of the Kingston FC coaching staff. Registered players will be run through drills and evaluation, and some small-sided and full-sided scrimmages. 

After that session, Abugov says that an indeterminate number of players may be offered a full season roster spot and a Kingston FC contract, or a further tryout. “We know many of the players that we will be inviting to our Ottawa trial, and we have a pretty good sense about the talent they bring to bear.  I expect that there will be some signings coming out of the session in Ottawa, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a signing or two coming out of the Kingston tryout as well.”

Abugov explained that most of the 34 roster spots will be filled prior to the March open tryout in Kingston. However, as happened last year, Kingston FC will likely keep a couple of spots open. “If one or two players really impress us, we will offer them full season contracts.”

Both the CSL and Kingston FC appreciate and respect the role played by CIS university athletes, some of whom still enjoy eligibility for university play.  The club will once again be looking to identify four or five local players who can join the team in mid-summer to replace players returning to university. “Some of our current players under amateur contracts still have university eligibility. When they return to school, our season still has six or more weeks left, and possibly more with playoffs.   Some of these replacement players can slot right into the roster in mid-August. If they perform well, we will offer them a contract for the 2015 CSL season.”

As the Kingston FC teams strengthen from season to season, the coaches warn that anyone considering a try-out out should realize that it is unlikely they can jump from high school or club soccer – no matter how talented – to a professional team. “Our 2013 roster was considerably stronger than our first year roster was in 2012.  As defending 2013 CSL league champions, Kingston FC is becoming a sought after club to players around the world who like what the club has accomplished in a really short period of time and who want to sign aboard,” said Colm Muldoon, who enters his second year of a two-year contract with Kingston FC. 

“However, if local players believe they have what it takes to be a pro footballer and to play at our level, and they have the drive, the commitment and the desire, then we would certainly want to know about them and take a look at what they can bring to our club.  If we think someone is just a year or two away, we will take a very close look and spend the time and energy to bring them along onto our Reserve team and then possibly onto our 1st division team,” Muldoon said.

Participants at both the private trial in Ottawa and the open try-out in Kingston will pay $50 to cover costs; and participants will receive a Kingston FC t-shirt and benefit from group evaluations and advice from the club’s coaching staff.

Details of the open try-out in Kingston, scheduled for late-February or early-March 2014, will be published soon.

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