Kingston FC Defeats the White Eagles in Toronto

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News Release from Kingston FC – September 7th, 2014

TORONTO – Although Sahjah Reid scored the first goal 10 minutes into the game, Kingston FC came back with three goals to defeat Serbian White Eagles 3-1 in Toronto tonight.

Kingston tied the game 1-1 in the first half when Mademba Ba scored on a rebound.

Kingston took the lead when Catalin Lichiou scored on a cross from Edgar Soglo.

Nathan Klemencic sealed the win with the third goal with less than 10 minutes.

Kingston is back at home next Sunday against Toronto Croatia.

The win was a huge victory for Kingston as four teams – North York, Burlington and Waterloo – are bunched together in a fight for the third and fourth places – both of which guarantee at least one home playoff game.

Kingston reserves won their game by default: they are far ahead in the second division and have already clinched a home playoff.

Joe Scanlon
Kingston FC