Kingston FC Pro Soccer School Rolled Into New Academy

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The Kingston FC Pro Soccer club believes that it has a responsibility to all soccer players – young and old – in the Cities of Kingston and Belleville and throughout the Great Waterway region to promote the sport of soccer and encourage the training and development of local soccer players. Our club sits atop the regional soccer pyramid of play, and we have both coaches and players that know and understand and play the sport at a very high level against some of the top professional teams in Canada.

During 2013 and 2014, through its Kingston FC Pro Soccer School, Kingston FC made its coaches and its professional players accessible to all youth minor soccer clubs in Kingston, Belleville and the region to assist in the training and development of talented young players who may want to consider a professional soccer career without having to leave home to accomplish their dream. The Kingston FC Pro Soccer resources were made available upon request of youth minor soccer clubs for fall and winter training programs, joint summer camps, individual team training support and coaching, as well as coaching the coaches to enhance a better understanding of the game that can be passed along to players.

Kingston FC recently announced the creation of its new Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy as a natural expansion and evolution of the Kingston FC Pro School.

Launched in September 2014, the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy, known as the KBFC Academy, is dedicated to providing the same brand of pro-style training and coaching that has produced back-to-back Canadian Soccer League championships for Kingston FC teams.

In 2015, the KBFC Academy is partnering with Queen’s University Athletics & Recreation to stage the second annual Kingston-Belleville FC Academy Summer Soccer Camp during the months of July and August.

In addition, the KBFC Academy will be offering an expanded range of soccer training and development programs throughout 2015 and 2016 that will advance our objective to enhance youth level soccer skills across the southeastern Ontario region.

Working with youngsters aged 5 to 18, the KBFC Academy will offer soccer camps and a variety of elite and recreational level soccer programs to cater to all young soccer enthusiasts, at all levels of ability, throughout the region.

With a commitment to implementing the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) approach pioneered by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), the KBFC Academy became the first in southeastern Ontario to apply for Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) ORNCA Academy accreditation in late 2014. Once accredited, the KBFC Academy will be the first in the region to satisfy the OSA’s strict standards-based requirements, and will expand its offerings to other regional centres including Belleville, Brockville and Quinte West. Our rates are very competitive, and preferential rates are available to regional youth soccer clubs that wish to affiliate with Kingston FC. Individual and small group training is also available upon request to the club.<

If your son or daughter aspires to either a university or professional career in soccer, the Kingston-Belleville FC Pro Soccer Academy offers a pro-style progression path straight through to the pro ranks for those with talent and desire. Even through the OSA accredited Academy structure is new to this region, the model is very powerful, meets all of Canada’s elite soccer development standards, and represents the optimal way to develop young soccer talent around the world. Accept no substitute for a properly accredited OSA ORNCA Academy.

For information on all the KBFC Academy’s 2015-16 soccer camps and training programs for your son or daughter, please contact Mike at

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